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International Shipping

The primary focus of our company is international truck transport.  We are continuously expanding this service, by increasing our fleet size and investing in its quality.  Because we have a wide range of vehicles of various sizes, we are able to offer a complete portfolio of services from express transport vans to regular shipping with lowdeck trailers.

We also carefully track technical and legislative changes in order to offer you the best solution for your shipping needs.

We offer:
•    Express van delivery within 24 hours
•    Part-loads delivery by van within 24 or 48 hours
•    LTC (less-than-carload) or whole carload shipping with 3.5 ton payload
•    LTL (less-than-truckload) or whole truckload shipping with 5.5 ton payload trailer suitable for light or large freight
•    FTL (full-truck-loads) shipping with standard or high-capacity trailers
•    Just-in-Time carload shipping
•    Customized milk run shipments

Try Agency Transport and discover the professional quality of our services for yourself!