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Cargo insurance

Your shipments are automatically covered by the Carrier’s Liability Insurance as required by applicable laws.  This insurance has its advantages and disadvantages, which we have explained below.  
As a result, we also offer Cargo Insurance, which covers up to 110 % of the value of your goods during domestic and international transport.  In addition it covers liabilities which the Carrier's Liability Insurance does not cover.

Carrier Liability Insurance

•    All freight is automatically insured
•    Paid by the carrier
•    100 % of the value of goods is covered for domestic shipping

•    Does not cover damages which were not caused by the carrier’s negligence, i.e. unavoidable damages for which the carrier is not liable
•    For international shipments, governed by the International CMR Convention, the limit of liability is set at 8,33 XDR/kg of gross weight (approximately 10 €/kg of gross weight)

Cargo Insurance

•    Coverage for up to 110 % of the value of goods, for both domestic and international shipping, can be arranged
•    Covers damages to the shipment which were not directly caused by the carrier

•    Is only arranged when explicitly requested by customer
•    Paid by customer